Acadian Insurance

A website redesign for a New Orleans insurance agency, transforming a 2008 template into a custom Webflow site to better showcase key client services in the Greater New Orleans Area.
Completion Date
2-3 Weeks
1-3 Pages
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The original website of the New Orleans insurance agency was built in 2008, using a standard template provided by a web design agency known for creating similar sites for insurance companies. This approach resulted in a website that felt off-brand and generic, failing to distinguish the agency in the competitive insurance market of the Greater New Orleans Area. The cookie-cutter design not only lacked uniqueness but also didn't effectively showcase the key services offered by the agency, potentially impacting their ability to connect with clients.

To address these issues, the agency worked with TMS on a comprehensive website redesign, choosing to build a custom site with Webflow. This modern web design tool allowed for a more tailored approach, creating a site that resonates with the agency's unique brand identity. The new Webflow site is not only more aesthetically pleasing but also better structured to highlight the agency's main services, ensuring that clients can easily find the information they need. This transition from a generic template to a customized, brand-centric web presence marks a significant step forward in the agency's digital strategy.

Staying On-Brand is Key.

Originating from New Orleans, we felt it was essential to highlight Acadian's roots by prominently featuring the iconic Fleur-de-lis, a symbol deeply intertwined with Acadian's branding and the New Orleans spirit.
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